Comics cover 8
Comics cover 8

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The Journal of Comics and Culture Volume 8

by Ioana Atanassova

  • Author : Ioana Atanassova
  • Version : 2024
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The Journal of Comics and Culture studies the comic and the rapidly evolving medium of the graphic novel and its connection to the wider world of popular culture. Original monographs, research, history, book reviews, and analysis reflect the innovative creative talents in the field, ground-breaking works, and how comics and the graphic novel both reflect and inform American culture.

In the past 40 years, comics have moved from occupying a decidedly lowbrow niche at the margins of pop culture to the center of the popular and critical imagination. Comics—a catch-all term that encompasses monthly comic books, graphic novels, and webcomics—are embedded in, relate to and comment upon other forms of media like film, painting, and the novel.

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The portrayal of women in comic books, as well as the roles of women in the comic book industry itself, has, since the medium’s beginning, been somewhat of a controversial issue. This issue examines the roles of women in comic book industries in other countries and how they differ from the comics industry in America. Stylistic innovations by women comic artists, thematic choices, and the creation of entirely new genres by women authors are also inspected. This 8th volume of the journal is dedicated to comics creator Ramona Fradon, who tragically passed away at 97, two months after retiring.

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