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Lex Cover 2

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Lex Naturalis: A Journal of Natural Law Volume 2

by Walter Raubicheck

  • Author : Walter Raubicheck
  • Version : 2016
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This peer-reviewed journal intends to serve as a forum for the ongoing philosophical and legal discussion of the possibilities of thinking and action that are called for when one applies natural law theory, whether Platonic, Aristotelian, Ciceronian, Thomistic, or Kantian in its orientation, or is a product of more recent twentieth and twenty-first century contributions to the tradition. Theories of natural law have been under attack since the Enlightenment, but they still recur in old and new forms within both the academy and courts of law. The idea that human nature possesses an inherent sense of moral obligation no matter the culture, environment, or historical epoch is one that simply will not be eradicated by modern and postmodern assumptions about the varieties of nurturing and the physical basis of the mind.

In Lex Naturalis, these ethical questions that challenge our contemporary world as well as the relationships between natural law and related fields such as constitutional law and international law are examined, explored, and elucidated. The journal seeks to present the vitality and variety of thought within that community of intellectuals who cannot and will not separate ethics from the conclusions that have been and are still being drawn from natural law.

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Among the articles in this second volume are explorations of the papal encyclical Laudato Si’ and an examination of Germain Grisez’s Natural Law, bringing together scholarship on current ethical debates to explore meaningful environmental relationships. Reviews of recently released books on natural law are also included. “The potential to make a positive contribution to building a 'civilization of love’ with the capacity and resilience to protect human dignity and the environment exists in every heart.” From “Anthropocentrism and Integral Ecology in Germain Grisez’s Natural Law”

This journal ceased publication with Volume 6 (2021).

ISBN: 978-1-935625-99-5
ISSN: 2474-8994
Price: $40.00
Paperback, 2016
144 Pages