Methods Cover 6
Methods Cover 6

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Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy Volume 6

by Ken Urso and Cosmin Chivu

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Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy, is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to the art and craft of acting and its philosophies, exercises, and history. Methods explores acting for stage, film, and television, their similarities and differences, deconstructing old techniques and constructing new ones. Methods includes interviews with important industry professionals, academic and professional news about the performing arts, book reviews, and historical documents. Methods will embody everything about the craft and entertainment of acting, from culture to spirituality to truth.

This journal ceased publication with Volume 6 (2021).

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Conversations with leaders in the entertainment industry.

ISBN: 978-1-935625-60-5
ISSN: 2471-5905
Price: $40.00
Paperback, 2021
115 Pages